How to get the most out of waiting in line at The Post Office

I had the idea to send my Dad the Anthony Bourdain book earlier in summer.

It was the perfect gift for Father’s Day because he loves food and travel.

So I went along with my wife to get the mail. To our dismay, there was a long line. It wasn’t a long one, though. We had to wait, however.

It was slow! To the point that the people at the post office had several times to thank us for our patience before they could help us.

It can be very easy to become frustrated when you find yourself in such situations: waiting in long lines for more than you need, and it can get frustrating.

To be angry at the slowness of people in line.

Start vortexing and lashing about how much time your line is wasting…

You still have so much to do…

Time spent waiting in line can often be called “DEAD Time” by some.

You don’t get anything out of time.

You think that time is wasted.

Our days can be filled with wasted time all too often. This is especially true when we need to run errands.


I have some amazing news for you.

Waiting in line does not have to be a waste of time.

It is possible to RECLAIM IT!

It can be REVIVED!

It can be TRANSFORMED into ALIVE Time.

It is time well-spent.

You can use your time to grow.

You feel like you have made the most of your time.

This is exactly how I did it when I was waiting at the post office.

I used a simple, but powerful technique that I call “value-shielding” to accomplish this feat.

This technique layers a positive activity onto an otherwise boring or unpleasant experience.

This will allow you to enjoy the activities without worrying about boredom or other negative effects.

When I was in line at the Post Office, I made this dead time live.

While we waited, I valued-shielded my wife by officechai giving her a shoulder massage.

My wife tends to get pain in her right shoulder so I focused on her shoulders and massaged her.

My wife and I were able, through value-shielding, to transform the dead time spent waiting in line into the live time of receiving/giving a massage.

This is only one example of value-shielding.

You have many other options.

Listen to the music that you love, and it will inspire you.

An audiobook can be listened to that entertains.

Even if you don’t have the time, it is possible to meditate quietly by focusing on your breathing.

These are all powerful examples of how you can value-shield your time while waiting in long lines. It doesn’t matter if you are at the post office or at the grocery store.

Value-shielding is something I engage with clients on a regular basis. And, let me tell ya, it’s never been so much fun to wait in line.

You can transform the most frustrating and infuriating aspects of your life by learning how to harness this power.

We wish you fun and value-shielding

Santi Sanchez holds a Ph.D. His life has been almost 20 years of philosophical research and practice. He is interested in how to make a life more fulfilling and happy.

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