Beyond the Chill: Exploring the Benefits of Refrigerated Storage

Refrigerated storage is a method of preserving products such as food and drinks by lowering their temperature. This is done through a refrigeration system that has an evaporator, a compressor and a condenser.

Cold storage has been around for a long time and is the best way to store things that need to be kept at a specific temperature, such as foods, plants, cosmetics and even film-makers can use it to stop their films from getting damaged.


The automated storage and retrieval system is a computer-controlled method of automatically placing and delivering loads from defined storage locations. It is used in manufacturing facilities as well as distribution centers and warehouses worldwide to move materials in a process and cung cap kho lanh cong nghiep to get them to their end users.

Automated warehouse systems can reduce the amount of material handled, increasing throughput levels and enabling more accurate order fulfillment. This is especially important for e-commerce or critical healthcare applications where product quality and accuracy are of the utmost importance.

ASRS can save up to 85% of floor space typically occupied by shelving. This can help to increase facility space utilization, reduce labor costs and improve throughput levels in “tight sites” or land-locked buildings.

In addition, ASRS can increase labor productivity and help to reduce the amount of work-in-process inventory. These systems can also provide detailed inventory reporting that enables warehouse managers and schedulers to identify bottlenecks and build proper load-storage buffers for order picking and fulfillment.

Bastian Solutions experts can help assess your operational needs, business objectives and technology options to find an automated solution that can reliably and effectively handle the complexities of moving and storing payloads throughout your facility. Whether you are looking for a high-density, rack-supported solution to maximize vertical space or a flexible shuttle-based AS/RS that combines the benefits of crane-based and shuttle-based technologies in a compact system, our team has the expertise to find an automated solution that can support current labor availability, security of goods, throughput and efficiency.


Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are used in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities to store goods. They allow a company to automate storage and retrieval of materials, improving the efficiency and safety of these tasks and reducing the cost of inventory management.

AS/RS solutions are also useful for tracking and reporting on the locations of warehouse products, their suppliers and how long they’re stored. This data can be valuable in helping businesses make better decisions about how to use space and improve productivity.

For example, Martin’s has seen a 50% increase in its warehouse space utilization with the help of an AS/RS system from Westfalia. The system’s automated layer picking has improved labor efficiency by 50%, reducing errors and increasing order accuracy by 95%.

The AS/RS also allows the Martin’s facility to handle more product in less space, a significant benefit for a company that relies on shipments within an hour of truck departure. Its flexibility also allows it to accommodate last-minute changes in customer orders.

Across the end-use industries, the automated storage and retrieval system market is expected to reach US$ 18,501 million by 2032, with growth projected at 12.5%. In particular, food and beverage industry is expected to generate 30% of overall revenue from the AS/RS systems market.

April 28, 2023 admin